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 NurseZilla Links Of Interest


NCCAA  National Commission For Certification Of Anesthesiologist Assistants

AAA  Age Anaesthesia Association

AAMC  Association of American Medical Colleges; an alphabetical listing of med schools of the US and Canada

AANA  American Association of Nurse Anesthetists

All Allied Health Schools   comprehensive database of North American allied health schools

AACDHQ  Assn of Anesthesia Clinical Directors

AAPM  American Academy of Pain Management

APS  American Pain Society

APSF  Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation

ASCCA  Amer Society of Critical Care Anesthesiologists

ASPMN  American Society for Pain Mgt Nursing

ASRA  American Society of Regional Anesthesia

IFNA  International Federation of Nurse Anesthetists

MHAUS  Malignant Hypothermia Assn. of the U.S.

SAMBA  Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia

SOAP  Society for OB Anesthesia & Perinatology

Med Nets  A Comprehensive list of Resources



Anesthesia and Analgesia

Code of Federal Regulations

Internet Journal of Anesthesiology

The Journal of the American Medical Association

Medline Plus

New England Journal of Medicine

The National Library of Medicine

Obstetric Anesthesia Digest

A CRNA’s thoughts on the AA Profession

CRNAs random thoughts about AAs…

Anesthesiologist Assistant Program Educational Program Comparisons

Is There An Answer To The Anesthesia Provider Staffing Shortage?


Yahoo – Anesthesiologist Assistant Forum

Google – Anesthesiologist Assistant Group




Certified Registered nurse Anesthetist Salary Information. information about and for nurse anesthetists

Anesthesia Links

ABA  The American Board of Anesthesiology

All Allied Health Schools

American Board of Medical Specialties

Anesthesia and Analgesia

Anesthesia Linx

Anesthesia Web

The Answer Page

Gas Passers

The Global Regional Anesthesia Website

Source1 Medical   The leading physical therapy and massage therapy equipment and supply site on the internet.

Telemedicine Business The Ultimate site for Temeledicine and Telehealth News.


MORE Interesting & Useful Sites

Anesthesiologist Assistant Online Store

Medical Supplies and Discount Uniforms

Health A to Z

HealthCareStep  The integrated healthcare websites help you find listing site and more


ICD 10 CODES  Complete Anesthesiology Resource Links

Pain and the Law


World Anesthesia

Worldwide Anaesthetist

Worldwide Congress on Pain



Adventures in Managed Care

Final Word,  Manic Depression & Bipolar  Disorder Humor

HMO’s Unfinished Symphony

Humor from

Humor Page: Medical

Links2Go: Medical Humor

Managed Care Jokes


Medical Cartoons

Waking Up Costs


MORE Medical Humor

Medical Humor

Medical Humor and Medical Quotes

Medical Humor-Brain Candy Humor Collections

Medical Jokes

Medical Urban Legends

OpenHere – Medical Humor

Q Fever!  

Other funny stuff



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